Design and Engineering

IS Machines HDD counts with a group of trained engineers capable of preparing and design pipe instalation projects by the HDD method: from the initial calculations, through the realization of drawings and conceptual engineering, as well as the calculation of pulling forces and installation efforts; going to stages like project control and managament.

In general, the IS Machines HDD Group has a highly qualified and prepared team to assist you at any stage of your project.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

The IS Machines HDD Group has more than 18 years of experience in the installation of services (Iron and HDPE pipes, optical fiber, conduits, etc.) by the method of horizontal directional drilling, being this activity the operational heart of our company; We have a high variety of drill rigs from 100,000 lbs up to 625,000 lbs which allow us to install XL pipes, also counting with highly trained technical personal to perform almost any directional crossing that the clients can require under the most difficult and demanding conditions of ground.

The horizontal directional drilling method allows to install a pipe under an obstacle, such as a river or road, without disturbing the environment. Unlike the conventional drilling technique, the curved path of the HDD method allows the duct to pass under obstacles from the surface, without any significant excavation required.

String Fabrication

CLEANING: The cleaning and conditioning of the path or manufacturing area of HDD string are the basis for the correct execution of this type of projects, IS Machines HDD work team will be responsible for the removal of vegetation, back filling, leveling and grading of the land by using a wide variety of heavy machinery we have available for this task, such as excavators, dozers and motor graders.

STRINGING AND ALIGNMENT OF PIPES: Using platforms, tractor trucks, pickman arms and cranes of different capacities; IS Machines HDD is capable of receiving (and supplying if needed), transporting, unloading and spreading according to the manufacturing needs the pipes necessary for the later welding of the string.

WELDING AND COATING: IS Machines HDD has welding machines of different capacities and a team of welders highly qualified and certified according to norms and international standards for the joint welding by the process of electric arc, once all the joints are welded, a certified team in X-ray testing, will inspect and approve each junction. Finally the joints and the pipe will be covered with protection material to avoid damages during the installation by HDD, being this coating inspected by spark and holiday detection equipment.

Hydrostatic tests

Safety and Quality are always first for the IS Machines HDD Group. We have the best test and registration equipment along with a highly trained team of professionals for the execution of hydrostatic tests according to international standards before and after installation of the string by HDD. We guarantee a quality work under the highest standards of operational safety, being all tests performed based on our customer specifications and requirements.

Direct Pipe

Through a partnership established in 2015 with the german company Herrenkenecht, the IS Machines HDD Group offers the pipe installation service (mainly for XL pipelines) by the direct pipe method.

Direct pipe is an innovative drilling technique that combines the benefits of conventional drilling with directional drilling, allowing the installation of larger pipeline strings with diameters greater than 36" just with a single drill pass in a quickly and efficiently way.